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The Bathroom, It’s a place inside the home where some become the most genuine version of themselves. For them it is their comfort zone within the house. Wherein, they can sing their hearts out, or even cry about their pain. If you want to know more about an owner go to the bathroom! This space tells a lot of a homeowner’s personality. A bathroom makes you learn more about someone by looking at the colors, the functionality, and the choice of ornaments. Just like other spaces in the home, a bathroom may also need remodeling and renovation.

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1. Poor Ventilation – One of the causes of stale air is poor ventilation. Such can result to respiratory illness. Added to this is the discomfort you may feel while inside the bathroom. It also causes mold growth.

2. Presence of Molds, Leaks and Rusts etc – Often it’s time to consider a bathroom renovation once you see the gravity of these factors. Remember prevention is always better than cure. Molds, leaks and rust do not only make your bathroom untidy and unattractive. Moreover, they may also cause some health issues. Leaks also add on to the home expenses. So, it’s better to take care of it ASAP.

3. Poor Lighting – The ambiance, functionality and total appearance of your bathroom are greatly affected by the lighting. Does it blind you in morning? Is it too dim at night? Though, the lights are turned on are you having difficulty in moving around your bathroom? Perhaps, it’s time to have it fixed. Your choice of lights and lighting fixtures can create a major transformation. It can create an illusion of space.

4. Outdated and minimal space – Does your bathroom seem like a fashion victim? For instance, the fixtures and ornaments are in all the wrong places. You cannot move freely and comfortably. Does it look aging with time? Was it the same bathroom you used to have since childhood? Or was it there for at least 10 years? Then, it’s time for a bathroom remodeling.

5. There is not enough storage. It’s another sign that you need a bathroom remodeling. Lack of space in your bathroom is not a problem when it comes to storage. All you need are organization and a plan that maximizes your limited area.


Evaluate the condition of the following. Are they working properly? Are they in good condition? Do you need a new one? Should you keep them or not?

  • The Plumbing, toilet bowl , sink , tub
  • Shower Bases
  • Lighting
  • Shower
  • Flooring
  • Shower Sills
  • Windows
  • Cabinets/storage
  • Ventilation
  • Accessories
  • Walls


– Your resources. How much budget do you have? How much are you willing to spend? Money is an issue whether you admit it or not. Without it you cannot push through with the plan. It’s very important to identify, if you already have the resources or do you still need to work on it. You don’t want to stop in the middle of the renovations. For the reason that you don’t have money to pay the contractor or to buy the materials. Your budget will serve as a guide regarding how much exactly you can spend on fixtures and labor among many others. It will be a deciding factor which things you’ll include in the renovation and which things you can go without.

– Time. How much time do you have? When do you want the renovation to get done? Bathroom remodeling is an exciting task. But always remember, though the bathroom may need less fixtures, ornaments or materials as compared to the other parts of the home, still doing things in a haste is not an option. A small bathroom does not necessarily mean shorter time for renovations. The time for completion largely depends on what type of renovation work is needed. Quality is ensured through a step by step careful process. That’s why planning should be given ample time. Also, remember that planning includes identifying the materials or items you need. It also involves choosing which one suits your need, considering the price, and selecting where/when to purchase.

– Space/measurements. Make sure you have the right measurements before shopping items. Think of the following: overall size of the bathroom, the electrical wiring, standard size of bathroom fixtures, and the location of the existing plumbing pipes.

– Sequence. Again, let’s go back to the concept of planning. A plan provides sequence and this saves a lot of time, eliminates room for mistakes, saves you from a lot of cleaning and cuts down expenses. So, which part should be remodeled first? Number one should be the ceiling and then move on with your walls and next is the floor.

– Structural issues. Doing a “full gut” is highly recommended if you want a major upgrade to your bathroom. Always consider the age of your home when looking for a professional to do the job. Your goal is to find someone who will make your bathroom functionality lasts for years. Beware of water damage. You must check for these hidden structural problems such as old corroded plumbing, deficiencies in floor framing, non – water proof tile shower/tub surrounds and etc.

– Style and Functionality. Functionality should not be compromised because of the design and vice versa. An efficient designer/contractor can very well make these two present in your bathroom. First, think about the style/theme for your bathroom. You must consider the color, faucets, tubs, tiles and many others. You may find ideas from magazines and from the internet. Then, ask your contractor for suggestions especially if you are not willing to spend money for additional space. And never forget that it should go with the general style of your home.

– Labor and Material Cost. Of course you want to maximize the value for your money. At the same time you want to save expenses, right? Search for designer/contractor who has a reputation of achieving a bathroom renovation project within the customer’s budget. Perhaps, someone who is also inclined in doing DIY. Lastly, a person who is willing to provide you with options in order to cut down costs without sacrificing design, functionality and quality. Whether you are renovating your bathroom simply for home improvement or as an investment, you must provide ample time and attention. It requires hard work and cautious planning. Definitely, your home value will escalade. But nothing can beat the comfort and happiness that a well built home provides its owners. And this includes your bathroom.

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