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Your Simple Guide to Kitchen Renovation. Dubbed as the heart of every home, indeed the kitchen needs our ultimate care. Kitchen renovation is necessary in order for this space to keep its functionality. Moreover, it provides us with your much needed and preferred comfort. Of course, style should always be present along with its usability. Cleanliness and beauty add up to the ambiance. These make you motivated and happy to work inside your kitchen.

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So, how should you start with kitchen remodeling? Let’s have a short break down about your kitchen remodeling expenses. Average Cost for a Kitchen Renovation is around $ 75.00 – $250.00 per square foot,  $12,500.00 – $34,600.00 average cost of a kitchen renovation. A high – end kitchen renovation may cost you around $ 30,000.00 and up. However, you may still spend lower as compared to the amount mentioned above. A small kitchen project which includes painting walls, upgrading sink, refacing or repairing cabinets and installing a tile backsplash costs between $5,000.00 and $15,000.00. Well, the price can change if you want your kitchen cabinets customized, change your flooring into hardwood or tile and add on some latest appliances. Looks like something that can hurt your pockets! Not so accurate, a kitchen renovation can be very expensive, but this can greatly boost your property’s value. In case you have limited budget for a kitchen remodeling, here are some useful suggestions:

– Know your kitchen. Be realistic! You cannot easily turn an old style kitchen into a modern one. It will require you large sum of money. Changing your sink and ornaments are different from transforming the whole kitchen.

– Have a concrete plan. Think about what you want to see and to achieve with your kitchen renovation. What do you want to remove? Are there things you want to keep? Or do you want a total remodeling of your kitchen area? Always consider you budget. Which among your visions, needs and wants are achievable by your limited resources? Careful planning will give you more savings than you could ever imagine.

– Do not change everything. Keep those that are still functional and do not look worn out or out of date. Like your sink and drainage. When you decided to have a renovation, it does not mean that you need to throw everything out. Unless, all of them are not working properly anymore or you got a lot of money to splurge. The drainage and plumbing are very expensive to work on.

– Do your electrical work, simultaneously. Have all your lighting upgrades at the same time while you are doing the electrical. By doing so, you are lessening some costs.

– Find discounts. Buy your appliances in bulks. The choice of appliances can greatly add to the cost. Of course almost everyone wants something with quality and style. But most of the times they do not come cheap. Still, you can always find ways. Do your research. Nowadays, there are suppliers that produce affordable and durable appliances. Many of them look like their top – of – line contenders. Another thing you can do is to buy all your appliances from one place. Buying in bulks can give you some discounts. Lastly, you can wait for some sale in the mall or in any appliance store near your home.

– Choose less expensive materials for your countertops, backsplash and floors. Granite is a popular option but it gives additional costs to your renovation. So better to look for alternatives.

– Contract a Professional kitchen remodeling company – Choose the your company wisely, read reviews and ask for referrals. Houston Kitchen Remodeling will give you all the necessary tools, never forget to consult your contractor about all the options we offer. So, you will know which things you can make, which colors and material to choose and how long it will all take. This is necessary to ensure safety and accuracy. Ready – made cabinets can make you spend more than you intend to. You may reface or replace your cabinets. Refacing involves sanding the cabinets to the bare wood. Then, you may apply paint. Another option is stain or wallpaper. If you need to replace the cabinet, pick a basic and simple design. BEWARE: Doing DIY over and over might result to overspending. Estimated Cost of Items/ Works for Kitchen Renovation Stock Cabinets – $ 100.00 – $ 280.00 per linear foot Semi – custom style – $ 200.00 – $ 550.00 per linear foot Custom Cabinets – $500.00 – $1,200.00 per linear foot Countertops – $ 40.00 – $100.00 per square foot; Granite countertops rang from $50.00 – $ 250.00 per square foot, butcher block at $ 30.00, while tile counters price starts at $10.00 and solid surfaces at $35.00. Achieving stylish, durable and affordable countertops is not such an easy task. But solid, tiled and engineered stone surfaces are practical options. Quartz is an engineered surface you may use for your countertops. While for tiled surfaces ceramic, stone and porcelain can all provide your kitchen with a total new look. Light Fixtures – Average cost of installation: Single light fixture – $ 42.00 – $ 112.00 Homeowners should expect to pay anywhere from $ 700.00 plus – $ 1,105.00 for new lighting installation throughout the interior. Again, sounds expensive, right? But if you already have an existing wiring and you simply want to change the light fixture, then the price will get lower. Recessed Lights – Nowadays, these lights are very popular. So, how much do they cost? Expect to pay $965.00 for a professional installation of recessed lighting in a single room. Labor Cost for Kitchen Cabinet Installation – $190.00 – $360.00 per cabinet. The service includes preparation and cleanup. Plumbing – The price for plumbing services range from $ 175.00 – $ 450.00. While the average cost per hour is $ 45.00 – $ 200.00. Such services include repairing faucets, sinks or bathtubs. You must expect to add more cast to the basic payment, if you want something to done in a rush and with quality,.

Again, always remember that the above are estimated prices or costs. But you can always work on your budget. With a little bit of creativity, resourcefulness and research, you can have your dream kitchen right at your fingertips.

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